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Poetry Prompt Club

A place to practice poetry and recieve feedback

Livejournal Poetry Prompt Club
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words have meaning.
Welcome to the Livejournal Poetry Club, for writers and readers of beginner poetry. Please give feedback to the poets who post their work. All criticism is welcome on this community on top of any compliments. However, most of the poetry posted is expected to be rough, either a second or third draft. I do not encourage posting any or your 'bests' only because this is, still, the internet. Think of this as a place to practice writing. New prompts are provided each week. Poems that do not fit prompts are also welcome as indepentent poetry (please use the #indie tag). Read the rules before posting, though there aren't many. Also, there are no deadlines for any prompts. Feel free to complete an old prompt whenever you feel inspired.
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